Welcome to Wilderness Guides. Civilization has brought about the separation of humanity from nature. This is the cause of a great amount of dis•ease amongst civilized humans. Reconnecting with nature, rewilding, back to the land, primitivism, traditional ways, etc. are all ways of healing this dis•ease.

In going back to our roots, we will find ourselves and in so doing we will heal ourselves, our families, and our world.

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“I’ve witnessed one miracle after another through my whole life, extraordinary things happening. I see that God tries very hard and apparently is intent to make us a success if it is possible. So if we don’t make it, it is because of each individual. You can’t leave it to your politicians to represent you; you can’t leave it to your ministers to pray for you. It’s going to be how each individual reacts in relation to the truth.”

— Buckminster Fuller, 1978


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